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Bubba kush strain 1 ounce


Bubba Kush is a rich, Indica-dominant strain, famous for its unique calming effects. Its refined aroma has just a hint of coffee and cocoa, while its taste is earthy and nutty with a subtle sweetness. As this strain’s effects kick in, users experience a tranquil body-melting sensation that remains mild enough to keep them up and active. This makes Bubba Kush a superb choice for daytime or nighttime use – providing you with relief, as you need it.



While the exact genetic origins of Bubba Kush are unclear, one of its parent strains is OG Kush, a legendary strain that was first popularized on the West Coast and has since been used around the world. It’s often suggested that the other parent strain used for Bubba Kush is Northern Lights, however there is little evidence to prove anything for certain.


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