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Medical cannabis can only be prescribed in the UK by a clinician listed on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council.

Specialist doctors who intend to prescribe and treat patients with cannabis-based medicinal products, must be able to demonstrate that they have assurances in place to deliver safe and effective care in line with relevant legislation and guidance.

Your GP can refer you or you can contact a clinic that specialises in medical cannabis treatment direct. Before your appointment, it is encouraged that you access your Summary Care Record from your GP to share with your clinic and speed up the process.

We work with a number of medical cannabis clinics, who can start you on your journey.

Consultations with Sapphire Medical Clinic

Sapphire Medical Clinics is a multi-award winning medical cannabis clinic, the first to be registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and offers consultations for a wide range of conditions including paediatric neurology, pain, psychiatry and dermatology.

Eligibility Assessment:

Complete the online form to request an Eligibility Assessment from Sapphire Medical Clinic. You may want to request your ‘Summary of Care’ record from you GP to help complete the assessment. Sapphire’s clinical team will be in touch if you are not at the right stage of treatment.

Book an Appointment:

Book in for an appointment and complete required consent forms.

Initial Appointment:

Your consultant will review your medical history and care plans to assess whether you can be prescribed medical cannabis.


Once Sapphire’s multi-disciplinary team of consultants has confirmed your suitability, Sapphire will provide your nominated pharmacy with your prescription.

Ongoing Support:

After initiating treatment, Sapphire will review treatment and support changes to your individual plan with follow up appointments and repeat prescriptions. Sapphire’s online questionnaires help you and Sapphire monitor treatment and advance knowledge about medical cannabis using the UK Medical Cannabis Registry.

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